Monday, September 27, 2021




Presentations in Symposia


As  plenary lecturer

  1. Partida-Martinez LP. Natural products: research and potential in the 21st. Century. 2nd. Regional Simposium and 1st. National Congress in Biotechnology and Sustainable Agricultural Production. CIIDIR IPN Mich y COECyT Mich. 18-20 August 2010. Jiquilpan, Mich., Mexico.

As invited speaker

  1. Partida-Martinez LP. Fungal-bacterial symbiosis: implications in toxins biosynthesis and learnings from symbiont´s genome. XIV National Congress of Biotechnology and Bioengineering. June 22nd 2011. Juriquilla, Qro., Mexico.
  2. Partida-Martinez LP. Symbiosis: life with others. Contributions of Molecular Biology and Ecology to Arid Regions. UBIPRO, UNAM Iztacala. June 7th 2011. Mexico City, D.F., Mexico.

  3. Partida-Martinez LP. Microorganisms and their interactions with higher organisms: importance, potential and case studies. 1st. Multidisciplinary Congress of Engineering. Technological Institute of Morelia. May 11th 2011. Morelia, Mich., Mexico.
  4. Partida-Martinez LP. Natural products and the interactions among microbes. Academic and Cultural Week 2010. Queretaro's Autonomous University, Chemistry Faculty. 27th. October 2010. Queretaro, Qro., Mexico
  5. Partida-Martinez LP. Mycotoxins from bacterial symbionts. Mexico Bio 09. 6th. International Research Gathering of Natural Products/1st. International Business Forum in Biotechnology. CINVESTAV, Langebio, Promexico and Guanajuato State.21-23 October 2009. Irapuato, Gto., Mexico.
  6. Partida-Martinez LP. Discovery of endofungal bacteria: new insights into toxin biosynthesis and bacterial-fungal symbiosis. VAAM-Annual Conference 2008. 9-11 March 2008. Frankfurt, Germany.
  7. Partida-Martinez LP. Molekulare Basis einer pathogenen Pilz-Bakterien-Symbiose. HKI Instituts-Symposium. 19th. February 2007. Jena, Germany.

  8. Partida-Martinez LP. and Hertweck C. Bacterial Symbionts of Fungi. Pathogenic fungus harbours endosymbiotic bacteria for toxin production. Biological Interactions and Biological Crossroads. APS-CPS-MSA 2006. Joint Meeting. 29 July-2 August 2006. Quebec City, Canada.
  9. Partida-Martinez LP, Scherlach K and Hertweck C. Biosynthesis of antimitotic polyketides by bacterial endosymbionts of Rhizopus microsporus. VAAM-Annual Conference 2006. 19-22 March 2006. Jena, Germany.
  10. Partida-Martinez LP., Scherlach K and Hertweck C. Pathogener Pilz beherbergt bakterielle Endosymbionten zur Toxinproduktion. 5 min. Vortrag mit Poster-Präsentation. Aktuelle Entwicklung in der Naturstoff-Forschung. 18. Irseer Naturstofftage der DECHEMA e.V. 22-24 February 2006. Irsee by Kaufbeuren/Allgäu, Germany.

As accepted/registered speaker

  1. Partida-Martinez LP. Pathogenic fungus harbours endosymbiotic bacteria for toxin production. 40° Congreso de Investigación y desarrollo. ITESM. Rectoría Zona Metropolitana de Monterrey. 20-22 January 2010. Monterrey, N.L., Mexico.
  2. Partida-Martinez LP. Mycotoxins from bacterial symbionts. ITESM. 3er. Congreso Internacional de Investigación Científica Multidisciplinaria de la Rectoría Zona Norte. 15-16 October 2009. Saltillo, Coah., Mexico.