Monday, September 27, 2021



This section is updated in the ESP version.

August, 2012: Project “Microbial ecology and its biotechnological application” approved by the CONACyT Funds for Scientific Laboratory Equipment (INFR2012-01-187799)

April, 2012: Project “Microorganisms associated to Agave tequilana Weber var. azul: an opportunity to improve sustainability and production of Agave” supported by Casa Herradura-Brown Forman.

August, 2011: Project “The Agave Microbiome” approved by the DOE Joint Genome.

July, 2011 : Project “Microbial biodiversity of mexican cactus and agaves: a molecular, microbiological and biochemical approach” approved by the SEP-CONACyT Funds  for Fundamental Research 2010.

June, 2011 : Project “Optimization of fitosanitary measures for controlling tomate bacterial cáncer under glass house operation” in collaborations with Agrícola El Rosal and the Laboratory of Metabolic Evolution (CINVESTAV-Langebio) approved and financially supported by CONACyT and the Government of Guanajuato.