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Dr. Alvarez Venegas Raul

Laboratory of Chromatin and Epigenetics

RNAi-mediated silencing of epigenetic factors in the common bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.). Analysis of genes involved in the priming phenomenon in the common bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.). Induction of a primed state of transcription and plant immunity in the common bean. Epigenetic mechanisms of gene regulation in plants. Epigenetics in plants of agronomic importance. Structure and function of genes belonging to the Trithorax family of histone methyltransferases. Plant-Pathogen interaction


Dr. Delaye Arredondo Luis José

Evolutionary Genomics Laboratory

Evolution of new genes. Genome evolution. Phylogenetics and phylogenomics.


Dr. Gómez Lim Miguel Angel

Laboratory of Tropical Plants and Human Health

Molecular Pharming. Production of biopharmaceutical proteins in plants. Improvement of tropical crops by Biotechnology/Genetic Engineering. Analysis of plant-fungus interaction using Proteomic tools.


Dr. Guzman Villate Plinio Antonio

Laboratory of Posttrancriptional Regulation

Function of RING-H2 ubiquitin-ligases in plant stress responses and development. Control of gene expression by Poly (A)-binding proteins in plants. Ethylene signal transduction in plants. Telomere metabolism in Ustilago maydis.


Dr. Heil Martin 

Plant Ecology Laboratory

Insect-plant mutualisms. Costs of induced resistance. Indirect defence of plants to insect herbivores. Induced plant resistance to pathogens and herbivores. Extrafloral nectar and volatile-mediated plant-plant communication.


Dr. Lozoya Gloria Edmundo 

Laboratory of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology of Plant Natural Products

Design of biochemical and molecular strategies for the study, use and improvement of natural plant and nutraceutical products, as well as useful derivatives of microalgae as biofertilizers and biofuels.


Dra. Lund Gertrud 

Laboratory of Epigenetics

Methylation stability in plant development. Fatty acid regulation of DNA methylation in mammals.


Dr. Martínez Antonio Agustino

Synthetic Biology and Biosystems Laboratory

Complex Systems Biology: molecular mechanisms of environmental perception and information processing, topology, function and evolution of genetic regulatory networks. Synthetic Biology: Design, modeling and construction of circuits, modules and genetic-metabolic systems, design and construction of self-replicating molecular systems, design of genetic chasisses and minimal metabolism, study of liposomes as bioreactors.

Dr. Ochoa Alejo Neftali 

 Plant tissue culture and genetic transformation. Chili pepper molecular biology.  Chili pepper transcriptomics

Dra. Olmedo Alvarez Gabriela 

Laboratory of Molecular Bacteriology

RNA metabolism. Bacterial comparative genomics.

Dra. Partida Martínez Laila Pamela 

Laboratory of Microbial Interaction

Microbial ecology, Plant-microbial interaction, Microbial natural products.

Dr. Rivera Bustamante Rafael Francisco 

Laboratory of Virology

Molecular characterization of gemini virus. Role of siRNA´s in the infection cycle. Plant-pathogen interaction: geminivirus (PHV and PepGMV) and their hosts pepper, tobacco and Arabidopsis thaliana. Geminviral vectors for gene silencing in plants. Geminivirus as models of study of cellular processes in plants (replication and recombination of DNA, gene expression etc.). Antiviral resistance through genetic engineering.

Dr. Ruiz Herrera José

Laboratory of Fungal Development and differentiation

Chitin, glucan synthetases, and structure and synthesis of the fungal cell wall. Molecular bases of fungal differentiation and morphogenesis. Role of polyamine metabolism in fungal differentiation.


Dra. Silva Rosales Laura

Laboratory of Plant-Virus Interactions

Genomic diversity and evolution of potyvirus. Potyvirus-host interactions. Developement of poty and potexvirus expression vectors. 


Dra. Simpson Williamson June Kilpatrick

Laboratory of Molecular Markers and Molecular Genetics

Sexual reproduction and avirulence in Colletotrichum lindemuthianum. Asexual and sexual reproduction and carbohydrate metabolism in Agave. Drought tolerance in Mexican maize cultivars.




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