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Dra. Gabriela Olmedo Álvarez 

- Director of Cinvestav Irapuato (2013 -   )

- Principal investigator 3D, SNI II

- Group leader of Laboratory de Molecular Biology and Microbial Ecology                                                   

Links to publications:

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Education and experience:

2007 - 2013 Head of the Department of Genetic Engineering, Cinvestav Irapuato Unit

2001 - 2002 Visiting Professor, Fullbright García Robles Scholarship, Salk Institute, USA

1990 -  Researcher at the Department of Genetic Engineering, Cinvestav Irapuato Unit

1985 - 1990 Ph.D. in Microbiology, University of Pennsylvania, USA

1979 - 1984 B.Sc. Biology, National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM)


Lines of research:

- Ecology of microbial communities

- Synthetic ecology

- Comparative bacterial genomics

- RNA metabolism


Achievements and memberships:  

- Thesis direction: 17 Masters and PhD (3 more in progress), 12 under-graduates (3 more in progress)

- Founder and responsible since 2003 of the Talleres Ciencia Viva Cinvestav Unidad Irapuato, a workshops for high school and undergraduate students (

- Co-founder and Principal scientist of Estornudame (, a plataform to communicate information about Covid-19, backed by scientists

- Collaborator of Ciencia para Jóvenes worshop since 2000 (Dr. Gil Bor, Cimat)  

- Member of the Scientific Advisory Committee of the  Institute of Mathematical Sciences for the Americas (IMSA), University of Miami (

- Member of the Mexican Biochemical Society (SMB) and the Mexican Association for Microbiology (AMM)


Featured work:

- Hurtado-Bautista, E., Pérez-Sánchez, L.F., Islas-Robles, Á., Santoyo, G. and Olmedo-Alvarez, G., 2020. Phenotypic plasticity and evolution of thermal tolerance in two lineages of bacteria from temperate and hot environments. bioRxiv

- Rodríguez-Torres, M.D., Islas-Robles, Á., Gómez-Lunar, Z., Delaye, L., Hernández-González, I., Souza, V., Travisano, M., Olmedo-álvarez, G. 2017. Phenotypic microdiversity and phylogenetic signal analysis of traits related to social interaction in Bacillus spp. from sediment communities. Frontiers in Microbiology,  art. no. 29, DOI: 10.3389/fmicb.2017.00029

- Yunuen Tapia-Torres, Maria Dolores Rodríguez-Torres, James J. Elser, Africa Islas, Valeria Souza, Felipe García-Oliva and Gabriela Olmedo-Álvarez. How To Live with Phosphorus Scarcity in Soil and Sediment: Lessons from Bacteria. Applied an Environmental Microbiology. 2016, Vol. 82(15): 4652-4662. DOI: 10.1128/AEM.00160-16  

- Zulema Gómez-Lunar, Ismael Hernández-González, María Dolores Rodríguez-Torres, Valeria Souza and Gabriela Olmedo-Álvarez. Microevolution Analysis of Bacillus coahuilensis Unveils Differences in Phosphorus Acquisition Strategies and Their Regulation. Frontiers in microbiology. 2016, Vol. 7(58): 1-17. DOI: 10.3389/fmicb.2016.00058

- Zapién-Campos R, Olmedo-Álvarez G and Santillán M (2015) Antagonistic interactions are sufficient to explain self-assemblage of bacterial communities in a homogeneous environment: a computational modeling approach. Front. Microbiol. 6:489. doi: 10.3389/fmicb.2015.00489.

- Alejandra Morero-Letelier, Gabriela Olmedo, Luis E. Eguiarte and Valeria Souza. Divergence and phylogeny of firmicutes from Cuatro Ciénegas Basin, México: A window to an ancient ocean. Astiobiolog. 2012, 12(7):674-684.

- Mariana Peimbert, Luis David Alcaraz, Germán Bonilla, Gabriela Olmedo-Álvarez, Felipe García Oliva, Lorenzo Segovia, Luis E. Eguiarte and Valeria Souza. Comparative metagenomics of two microbial mats at Cuatro Ciénegas Basin I: Ancient lessons on how to cope with an environment under severe nutrient stress. lslroó io\ogt. 2012, 12(7):648-658.

- Rocío-Anaís Pérez-Gutiérrez,Yarinia López-Ramirez, Africa [slas, Luis David Alcaraz, Ismael Hernández-González, Beatriz Careli Luna Olivera, Moisés Santillán, Luis E. Eguiarte, Valeria Souza, Michael Travisano and Gabriela Olmedo-Álvarez. Antagonism influences assembly of aBacillus guild in a local community and is depicted as a food-chain network. The ISME Journal.2012, 175l-7362112.

- Luis David Alcaraz, Varinia López-Ramírez, Alejandra Moreno-Letelier, Luis  Herrera-Estrella and Valeria Souza and Gabriela Olmedo Alvarez. Genomics of Bacteria from an Ancient Marine Origin: Clues to Survival in an Oligotrophic Environment. In: Geology. (Imran Ahmad Dar., ed.) Intech. ISBN: 978-953-307-672-0. (julio-2011)

- Varinia López-Ramírez, Luis D. Alcaraz, Gabriel Moreno-Hagelsieb and Gabriela Olmedo-Álvarez. "Phylogenetic Distribution and Evolutionary History of Bacterial DEAD-Box Proteins". Journal of Molecular Evolution. (2011)72:(4) 413. March. ID: JME-2010-0123.R2. doi:10.1007/s00239-011-9441-8. Online ISSN: 1432-1432.

- Alejandra Moreno-Letelier, Gabriela Olmedo, Luis E. Eguiarte, León Martínez-Castilla and Valeria Souza. "Parallel Evolution and Horizontal Gene Transfer of the pst Operon in Firmicutes from Oligotrophic Environments". International Journal of Evolutionary Biology. (2011) doi:10.4061/2011/781642. Online ISSN: 2090052X.

- Luis David Alcaraz, Gabriel Moreno-Hagelsieb, Luis E. Eguiarte, Valeria Souza, Luis Herrera-Estrella and Gabriela Olmedo-Alvarez. "Understanding the evolutionary relationships and major traits of Bacillus through comparative genomics". BMC Genomics. (2010) Vol. 11: 332- 'Highly accessed' Total accesses to this article since publication: 1490. doi:10.1186/1471-2164-11-332.Online ISSN: 1471-2164.

- Luis David Alcaraz, Gabriela Olmedo, Germán Bonilla, René Cerritos, Gustavo Hernández,... and Luis Herrera-Estrella."The genome of Bacillus coahuilensisreveals adaptations essential for survival in the relic of an ancient marine environment". PNAS (2008);105(15): 5803-5808pp. doi:10.1073/pnas.0800981105. Print ISSN: 0027-8424, CODEN: PNAS A6. Online ISSN:1091-6490, CODEN: PNAS FB.

Gabriela Olmedo, Hongwei Guo, Brian D. Gregory,  Saeid D. Nourizadeh, Laura Aguilar-Henonin, Hongjiang Li, Fengying An, Plinio Guzmán and Joseph R. Ecker. "ETHYLENE INSENSITIVE 5 encodes a 5'-3' exoribonuclease required for regulation of the EIN3-targeting F-box protein EBF1/2". PNAS. (2006);103(36):13286-13293pp. doi:10.1073/pnas.0605528103. Print ISSN: 0027-8424, CODEN: PNAS A6. Online ISNN:1091-6490, CODEN: PNAS FB

- Jorge Humberto Ramírez-Prado, Eva Isabel Martínez-Márquez and Gabriela Olmedo-Álvarez, G. "cry1Aa lacks stability elements at its 5'-UTR but integrity of its transcription terminator is critical to prevent decay of its transcript". Current Microbiology. (2006); 53, 23-29pp. doi:10.1007/s00284-005-5178-1. Print ISSN: 1350-0872. Online ISSN: 1465-2080.

- Juan Campos-Guillén, Patricia Bralley, George H. Jones, David H. Bechhofer and Gabriela Olmedo-Álvarez. "Addition of poly(A) and heteropolymeric 3' ends in Bacillus subtilis wild-type and PNPase-deficient strains". Journal of Bacteriology. (2005);187(14):4698-4706pp. doi:10.1128/JB.187.14.4698-4706.2005. Print ISSN: 0021-9193. Online ISSN: 1098-5530.

Gabriela Olmedo, Hongwei Guo, Brian D. Gregory, Saeid D. Nourizadeh… Joseph R. Ecker. ETHYLENE INSENSITIVE encodes a 5’-3’ exoribonuclease required for regulation of the EIN3-targeting F-box protein EBF1/2. PNAS. (2006).103(36):13286-pp. 160 citas.

- Barák, I., Behari, J., Olmedo, G., Guzmán, P., Brown, … Youngman, P., 1996. Structure and function of the Bacillus SpoIIE protein and its localization to sites of sporulation septum assembly. Molecular microbiology, 19(5), pp.1047-1060. 119 citas.

Olmedo, G., Ninfa, E.G., Stock, J. and Youngman, P., 1990. Novel mutations that alter the regulation of sporulation in Bacillus subtilis: evidence that phosphorylation of regulatory protein SpoOA controls the initiation of sporulation. Journal of molecular biology, 215(3), pp.359-372. 65 citas.



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