Dr. Octavio Paredes López


Position: Investigador 3F, SNI III.
Telephone: +52 (462) 6239641, 674
Department: Biotechnology and Biochemistry,
Laboratory of Food Biotechnology

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Education & training

1980    Ph.D. in Plant Science, Faculty of Agriculture, U. of Manitoba, Canada
1975    M.Sc.  Food Science, National Polytechnic Institute, Mexico
1970    M.Sc.  Biochemical Engineering, Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences, Czech Republic


Reseach interests

  • Biotechnology of food crops from Mesoamerica
  • Molecular biotechnology of food crops with nutraceutical interest
  • Expression of macromolecules with nutraceutical and medical interest

Recent publications  

  • Gustavo A. Camelo-Méndez, M. José Jara-Palacios, M. Luisa Escudero-Gilete, Belén Gordillo, Dolores Hernanz, Octavio Paredes-López, Pablo E. Vanegas-Espinoza, Alma A. Del Villar-Martínez, mailto:adelvillarm@ipn.mxFrancisco J. Heredia. Comparative Study of Phenolic Profile, Antioxidant Capacity, and Color-Composition Relation of Roselle Cultivars with Contrasting Pigmentation. Plant Foods for Human Nutrition. (2016), 1: 109-114.
  • Jocksan I. Morales-Camacho, Octavio Paredes-López, Edgar Espinosa-Hernández, Daniel Alejandro Fernández-Velasco, Silvia Luna-Suárez. Expression, Purification and Thermal Stability Evaluation of an Engineered Amaranth Protein Expressed in Escherichia coli. Electronic Journal of Biotechnology. (2016), 22: 44-51.
  • Maribel Valdez-Morales, L. Céspedes Carlos, María Elena Valverde, Enrique Ramírez-Chávez, Octavio Paredes López. Phenolic Compounds, Antioxidant Activity and Lipid Profile of Huitlacoche Mushroom (Ustilago maydis) Produced in Several Maize Genotypes at Different Stages of Development. Plant Foods for Human Consumption. (2016), 4: 436-443.
  • Ramona J. Espinoza-Moreno, Cuauhtémoc Reyes-Moreno, Jorge Milán-Carrillo, José A. López-Valenzuela, Octavio Paredes-López, Roberto Gutiérrez-Dorado. Healthy Ready-to-Eat Expanded Snack with High Nutritional and Antioxidant Value Produced from Whole Amarantin Transgenic Maize and Black Common Bean. Plant Foods for Human Nutrition. (2016), 2: 218-224.
  • Domancar Orona-Tamayo, María Elena Valverde, Blanca Nieto-Rendón, Octavio Paredes-López. (2015) Inhibitory activity of chia (Salvia hispanica L.) protein fractions against angiotensin I-converting enzyme and antioxidant capacity. LWT - Food Science and Technology, 64(1):236-242.
  • Gustavo A. Camelo-Méndez, M. José Jara-Palacios,  M. Luisa Escudero-Gilete, Belén Gordillo, Dolores Hernanz, Octavio Paredes-López, Pablo E. Vanegas-Espinoza, Alma A. Del Villar-Martínez y  Francisco J. Heredia.  (2015) Comparative Study of Phenolic Profile, Antioxidant Capacity, and Color-composition Relation of Roselle Cultivars with Contrasting Pigmentation. Plant Foods for Human Nutrition, 68(3):229-234.
  • Luis A. Bello-Pérez, Pamela C. Flores-Silva, Gustavo A. Camelo-Méndez, Octavio Paredes-López, Juan de Dios Figueroa-Cárdenas. (2015) Effect of the Nixtamalization Process on the Dietary Fiber Content, Starch Digestibility, and Antioxidant Capacity of Blue Maize Tortilla. Cereal Chemistry Journal. 92(3):365-270.
  • María Elena Valverde, Talía Hernández-Pérez, and Octavio Paredes-López. (2015) Edible Mushrooms: Improving Human Health and Promoting Quality Life. International Journal of Microbiology. 1-14.DOI. 10.1155/2015/376387
  • Michael A. Timmers, Jorge L. Guerrero-Medina, Debora Esposito, Mary H. Grace, Octavio Paredes-López, Pedro A. García-Saucedo y  Mary Ann Lila. (2015) Characterization of Phenolic Compounds and Antioxidant and Antiinflammatory Activities from Mamuyo (Styrax ramirezii Greenm.) Fruit. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry.  63(48):10459-10465.
  • Árgel Gastelum-Arellanez, Octavio Paredes-López, Víctor Olalde-Portugal. (2014) Extracellular endoglucanase activity from Paenibacillus polymyxa BEb-40: production, optimization and enzymatic characterization. World Journal of Microbiology & Biotechnology, 30(11):2953-2965.
  • Israel Benítez-García, Pablo Emilio Vanegas-Espinoza, Antonio J. Meléndez-Martínez, Francisco J. Heredia, Octavio Paredes-López y  Alma Angélica Del Villar-Martínez. (2014) Callus culture development from two varieties of Tagetes erecta and carotenoids production. Electronic Journal of Biotechnology (2014), 17(3):107-103.
  • Oliviert Martínez-Cruz y Octavio Paredes-López. Phytochemical profile and nutraceutical potential of chia seeds (Salvia hispanica L.) by UPLC. Journal of Chromatography A., 1346:43-48.
  • P.I. Angulo-Bejarano, O. Martínez-Cruz and O. Paredes-López. (2014) Phytochemical content, nutraceutical potential and biotechnological applications of an ancient Mexican plant: nopal (Opuntia ficus-indica). Current Nutrition & Food Science, 10(3):196-217.
  • Cuauhtémoc Reyes-Moreno, Ana E. Ayala-Rodríguez, Jorge Milán-Carrillo, Saraid Mora-Rochín, José A. López-Valenzuela, Angel Valdez-Ortiz, Octavio Paredes-López, Roberto Gutiérrez-Dorado. (2013) Production of nixtamalized flour and tortillas from amarantin transgenic maize lime-cooked in a thermoplastic extruder. Journal of Cereal Science.  68(3):465–471.
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  • Jocksan Ismael Morales-Camacho, Jorge Domínguez-Domínguez and  Octavio Paredes-López. (2013) Overexpression of a modified amaranth protein in Escherichia coli with minimal media and lactose as inducer. Recent Patents on Biotechnology. 7(1):61-70.
  • María A. Nuñez-López, Octavio Paredes-López and  Rosalía Reynoso-Camacho. (2013) Functional and hypoglycemic properties of cladodes (O. ficus-indica) at different maturity stages using in vitro and in vivo tests. Journal of Agricultural of Food Chemistry. 61(46):10981-10986.
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  • Andrés Cruz-Hernández and Octavio Paredes-López. (2012) Fruit quality: new insights for biotechnology. CRC Crit. Rev. Food Sci. Nutr.  52(3): 272-289.
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  • Shela Gorinstein, Hanna Leontowickz, Maria Leontowickz, Katarzyna Najman, Wojciech Bielecki, Kyung-Sik Ham, Seong-Gook Kang, Octavio Paredes-Lopez, Alma Leticia Martinez-Ayala, Simon Trakhtenberg. (2011) Aorta and liver changes in rats fed cholesterol–containing and raw vegetable-supplemented diets: experiments in vitro and in vivo. J. Agric. Food Chem.   59:7441-7451.
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  • Edith O. Cuevas-Rodri´guez, Vermont P. Dia, Gad G. Yousef,  Pedro. A García-Saucedo,  José Lo´pez-Medina, Octavio Paredes-López,  Elvira González de Mejía and Mary Ann Lila. (2010) Inhibition of pro-inflammatory responses and antioxidant capacity of Mexican blackberry (Rubus spp.) extracts. J. Agric. Food Chem. 58(17):9542-9548.




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