Dr. Jorge Eugenio Ibarra Rendón


Postion: Investigador CINVESTAV 3D, SNI III.
Telephone: +52 (462) 623-9643
Department: Biotecnología y Bioquímica
Laboratory of Bioinsecticides

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Education & training

1986    Postdoctoral fellow, Dept. of Entomology, U. of California, Riverside, CA. USA
1986    Ph.D. in Entomology, Dept. of Entomology, U. of California, Riverside, CA USA
1978    M.Sc. in Entomology, CESAT. Cárdenas, Tabasco, Mexico.
1976    B.S. in Biology, U. of Nuevo León, Monterrey, N.L., Mexico.

Research interests

  • Insect Pathology
  • Molecular characterization of entomopathogens
  • Isolation and selection of microbial-control agents of pests

Recent publications

  • Yaritza Reinoso-Pozo, Ma. Cristina Del Rincón-Castro, and Jorge E. Ibarra. Characterization of a highly toxic strain of Bacillus thuringiensis serovar kurstaki very similar to the HD-73 strain. FEMS Microbiology Letters. (2016), 363: 1-6.
  • A. I. Sánchez-Soto, G.I Saavedra-González, J.E. Ibarra, R. Salcedo-Hernández, J. E. Barboza-Corona and M. C. Del Rincón-Castro. Detection of  ß-exotoxin synthesis in Bacillus thuringiensis using an easy bioassay with the nematode Caenorhabditis elegans. Letters in Applied Microbiology. 2015
  • Ana Priscila García Rodríguez, Marcela Gaytán Martínez, Josefina Barrera-Cortés, Jorge E. Ibarra, Fernando Martínez Bustos. Bio-insecticide Bacillus thuringiensis spores encapsulated with amaranth derivatized starches: studies on the propagation ‘‘in vitro’’. Bioprocess Biosyst. Eng.2015
  • Juan R. Delgado-Gamboa, Jaime Ruiz-Vega, Jorge E. Ibarra Rendón, Teodulfo Aquino-Bolaños and Sergio Giron-Pablo. Isolation and identification of native entomopathogenic nematodes (Nematoda: Rhabditidae) and potential for controlling Scyphophorus acupunctatus in a laboratory. Southwestern Entomologist, 2015
  • Karina García, Jorge E. Ibarra, Alejandra Bravo, Javier Díaz, Dafne Gutiérrez, Patricia V. Torres, Patricia Gomez de Leon. Variability of Bacillus thuringiensis Strains by ERIC-PCR and Biofilm Formation. Current Microbiololgy. 2015
  • Ana Priscila García Rodríguez, Marcela Gaytán Martínez, Josefina Barrera-Córtes, Jorge E. Ibarra. Bio-insecticide Bacillus thuringiensis spores encapsulated with amaranth derivatized starches: studies on the propagation ‘‘in vitro’’. Bioprocess Biosyst. Eng. 2014
  • Manuel Porcar, Armelle Déleclusse, Jorge E. Ibarra, Víctor Juárez-Pérez. Early transcription of Bacillus thuringiensis cry genes in strains active on Lepidopteran species and the role of gene content on their expression. Antonie van Leeuwenhoek 2014
  • Blanca I. García-Gómez, Jorge Sánchez, Diana L. Martínez de Castro, Jorge E. Ibarra, Alejandra Bravo, Mario Soberón. Efficient Production of Bacillus thuringiensis Cry1AMod Toxins under Regulation of cry3Aa Promoter and Single Cysteine Mutations in the Protoxin Region. Applied and Environmental Microbiology. 2013
  • María de Jesús Ortega-Estrada, M. Cristina Del Rincón-Castro, Regina Basurto-Ríos, Jorge Toledo, and Jorge E. Ibarra. Phoresis between Serratia marcescens and Steinernema carpocapsae (Rhabditida: Steinernematidae) during infection of Galleria mellonella (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae) larvae. Florida Entomologist. 2012
  • Antonio Ventura-Suárez, Ramón Cruz-Camarillo, Joanne Rampersad, David R. Ammons, Edgar O. López-Villegas, Jorge E. Ibarra, Luz. I. Rojas-Avelizapa. Characterization of a novel Bacillus thuringiensis phenotype possessing multiple appendages attached to a parasporal body. Current Microbiology. 2011
  • Karina García-Gutiérrez, Héctor M. Poggy-Varaldo, Fernando Esparza-García, Jorge Ibarra-Rendón, Josefina Barrera-Cortés. Small microcapsules of crystal proteins and spores of Bacillus thuringiensis by an emulsification/internal gelation method. Bioprocess and Biosystems Engineering. 2011
  • Germán Pérez-García, Regina Basurto-Ríos, Jorge E. Ibarra. Potential effect of a putative sH-driven promoter on the over expression of the Cry1Ac toxin of Bacillus thuringiensis. Journal of Invertebrate Pathology. 2010
  • Pedro A. Noguera  and J. E. Ibarra. Detection of New cry Genes of Bacillus thuringiensis by Use of a Novel PCR Primer System. Applied and Environmental Microbiology. 2010


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