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Dr. John Paul Délano Frier


Position: Investigador 3C, SNI II.
Telephone:  +52 (462) 6239636 
Department: Biotecnología y Bioquímica
Education & training

1997    PhD in Plant Physiology, Washington State University, U.S.A.
1987    MSc in Food Science, The University of Reading, Great Britain
1981    BSc in Biochemistry, ITESM- Campus Guaymas, México.

Research interests 
  • Direct and indirect defense mechanisms
  • Systemin-Jasmonic acid signaling
  • Modulation of defense responses in mutualistic/symbiotic associations 


Recent Publications


  • Edgar M. Suárez-González, Paola A. Palmeros Suárez, José M. Cruz-Rubio, Norma A. Martínez-Gallardo, Ismael Cisneros Hernández, John P. Délano-Frier, Juan F. Gómez-Leyva. Differential fructan accumulation and expression of fructan biosynthesis invertase and defense genes is induced in Agave tequilana plantlets by sucrose or stress-related elicitors. Agri Gene. (2016), 2: 17-28.
  • Julio A. Massange-Sánchez, Paola A. Palmeros-Suárez, Eduardo Espitia-Rangel, Isaac Rodríguez-Arévalo, Lino Sánchez-Segura, Norma A. Martínez-Gallardo, Fulgencio Alatorre-Cobos, Axel Tiessen, John P. Délano-Frier. Overexpression of Grain Amaranth (Amaranthus hypochondriacus) AhERF or AhDOF Transcription Factors in Arabidopsis thaliana Increases Water Deficit- and salt- stress tolerance, Respectively, via Contrasting Stress – Amelioration Mechanisms. Plos One. (2016), 1-43.
  • Paola A. Palmeros-Suárez, Julio A. Massange-Sánchez, Lino Sánchez-Segura, Norma A. Martínez-Gallardo, Eduardo Espitia Rangel, Juan F. Gómez-Leyva, John P. Délano-Frier. AhDGR2, an amaranth abiotic stress-induced DUF642 protein gene, modifies cell wall structure and composition and causes salt and ABA hyper-sensibility in transgenic Arabidopsis. Planta. (2016), 1-16.
  • Erandi Vargas-Ortiz, John Paul Délano-Frier, Axel Tiessen. The tolerance of grain amaranth (Amaranthus cruentus L.) to defoliation during vegetative growth is compromised during flowering. Plant Physiology and Biochemistry. 2015
  • José Humberto Valenzuela-Soto, Luis David Maldonado-Bonilla, Gustavo Hernández-Guzmán, Gabriel Rincón-Enríquez, Norma Angélica Martínez-Gallardo, Enrique Ramírez-Chávez, Ismael Cisneros Hernández, José Luis Hernández-Flores, John Paul Délano-Frier. Infection by a coronatine-producing strain of Pectobacterium cacticidum isolated from sunflower plants in Mexico is characterized by soft rot and chlorosis. Journal of General Plant Pathology. 2015
  • Julio A. Massange-Sanchez, Paola A. Palmeros-Suarez, Norma A. Martinez-Gallardo, Paula A. Castrillon-Arbelaez, Hamlet Avilés-Arnaut, Fulgencio Alatorre-Cobos, Axel Tiessen and John P. Délano-Frier. The novel and taxonomically restricted Ah24 gene from grain amaranth (Amaranthus hypochondriacus) has a dual role in development and defense. Frontiers in Plant Scienc. 2015
  • Martin Quintana-Camargo, Lucila Méndez-Morán, Ricardo Ramirez-Romero, Carmen M. Gurrola-Díaz, Vicente Carapia-Ruiz, Enrique Ibarra-Laclette, John Paul Délano-Frier, Carla Sánchez-Hernández. Identi?cation of genes differentially expressed in husk tomato (Physalis philadelphica) in response to white?y (Trialeurodes vaporariorum) infestation. Acta Physiol Plant 2015
  • Paola A. Palmeros-Suárez, Julio A. Massange-Sánchez,  Norma A. Martínez-Gallardo, Josaphat M. Montero-Vargas, Juan  F. Gómez-Leyva, John P. Délano-Frier. The overexpression of  an  Amaranthus  hypochondriacus  NF-YC gene modi?es growth  and confers  water  de?cit  stress  resistance  in Arabidopsis.  Plant Science. 2015
  • Edgar Martín Suárez-González, Mercedes G. López, John P. Délano-Frier, Juan Florencio Gómez-Leyva. Expression of the 1-SST and 1-FFT genes and consequent fructan accumulation in Agave tequilana and A inaequidens is differentially induced by diverse (a)biotic-stress related elicitors. Journal of Plant Physiology. 2014
  • Fannie I. Parra-Cota, Juan J Peña-Cabriales,  Sergio de los Santos-Villalobos, Norma A. Martínez-Gallardo, John P Délano-Frier. Burkholderia ambifaria and B. caribensis Promote Growth and Increase Yield in Grain Amaranth (Amaranthus cruentus and A. hypochondriacus) by Improving Plant Nitrogen Uptake. Plos One 2014
  • Gabriela Casique-Arroyo, Norma Martínez-Gallardo, Luis González de la Vara, John P. Délano-Frier. Betacyanin Biosynthetic Genes and Enzymes Are Differentially Induced by (a)biotic Stress in Amaranthus hypochondriacus. Plos One 2014
  • Kena Casarrubias-Castillo, Norma A. Martínez-Gallardo, John P. Délano-Frier. Treatment of Amaranthus cruentus with chemical and biological inducers of resistance has contrasting effects on fitness and protection against compatible gram positive and gram negative bacterial pathogens. Journal of Plant Physiology. 2014
  • Rosalba Mireya Hernández-Herrera, Gil Virgen-Calleros, Mario Ruiz-López, Julia Zañudo-Hernández, John Paul Délano-Frier, Carla Sánchez-Hernández. Extracts from green and brown seaweeds protect tomato (Solanum lycopersicum) against the necrotrophic fungus Alternaria solani. Journal of Applied Phycology. 2014
  • Erandi Vargas-Ortiz, Eduardo Espitia-Rangel, Axel Tiessen, John Paul Délano-Frier. Grain amaranths are defoliation tolerant crop species capable of utilizing stem and root carbohydrate reserves to sustain vegetative and reproductive growth after leaf loss. PLOS ONE. 2013.
  • Flor C. Alcántar-Aguirre, Alicia Chagolla, Axel Tiessen, John Paul Délano, Luis Eugenio González de la Vara. ATP produced by oxidative phosphorylation is channeled toward hexokinase bound to mitochondrial porin (VDAC) in beetroots (Beta vulgaris). Planta. 2013
  • Sergio de los Santos-Villalobos, Doralinda A. Guzmán-Ortiz, Miguel A. Gómez-Lim, John P. Délano-Frier, Stefan de-Folter, Prometeo Sánchez-García, Juan J. Peña-Cabriales. Potential use of Trichoderma asperellum (Samuels, Liechfeldt et Nirenberg) T8a as a biological control agent against anthracnose in mango (Msngifera indica L.). Biological Control. 2013.
  • Sergio de los Santos-Villalobos, Stefan de-Folter, John Paul Délano-Frier, Miguel Ángel Gómez-Lim,  Doralinda Asunción Guzmán-Ortiz, Juan José Peña-Cabriales. Growth Promotion and Flowering Induction in Mango (Mangifera indica L. cv “Ataulfo”) Trees by Burkholderia and Rhizobium Inoculation: Morphometric, Biochemical, and Molecular Events. J Plant Growth Regul. 2013
  • Paula Andrea Catrillón-Arbeláez, Norma Martínez-Gallardo, Hamlet Avilés Arnaut, Axel Tiessen and John Paul Delano-Frier. Metabolic and enzymatic changes associated with carbon mobilization, utilization and replenishment triggered in grain amaranth (Amaranthus cruentus) in response to partial defoliation by mechanical injury or insect herbivory. BMC Plant Biology. 2012
  • Yesenia Ithaí Ángeles López, Norma Angélica Martínez-Gallardo, Ricardo Ramírez-Romero, Mercedes G. López, Carla Sánchez-Hernández y John Paul Délano-Frier. Cross-Kingdom effects of plant-plant signaling via volatile organic compounds emitted by tomato (Solanum lycopersicum) plants infested by the greenhouse whitefly (Trialeurodes vaporariorum). Journal of Ecology. 2012
  • Hamlet Avilés-Arnaut and John Paul Délano-Frier Characterization of the Tomato Prosystemin Promoter: Organ-specific Expression, Hormone Specificity and Methyl Jasmonate Responsiveness by Deletion Analysis in Transgenic Tobacco Plants, Journal of Integrative Plant Biology, 2012

  • Sergio de los Santos-Villalobos, Stefan de-Folter, John Paul Délano-Frier, Miguel Ángel Gómez-Lim, Doralinda Asunción Guzmán-Ortiz, Prometeo Sánchez-García y Juan José Peña-Cabriales Critical Aspects On The Integral Management Of Mango: Flowering, Anthracnosis And Industrial Waste Revista Mexicana de Ciencias Agrícolas, 2011
  • Paula A. Castrillón-Arbeláez and John P. Délano-Frier The Sweet Side of Inhibition: Invertase Inhibitors and their Importance in Plant Development and Stress Responses, Current Enzyme Inhibition, 2011
  • José Humberto Valenzuela-Soto,Fernanda Iruegas-Bocardo,Norma Angélica Martínez-Gallardo, Jorge Molina-Torres, Miguel Ángel Gómez-Lim, John Paul Délano-Frier, Transformed tobacco (Nicotiana tabacum) plants over-expressing a peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor gene from Xenopus laevis (xPPARa) show increased susceptibility to infection by virulent Pseudomonas syringae pathogens, Planta, 2011
  • Stine Krogh Steffensen, Åsmund Rinnan, Anne G. Mortensen, Bente Laursen, Rosa M. de Troiani, Elke J. Noellemeyer, Dagmar Janovska, Karel Dusek, John Délano-Frier, Andreu Taberner, Carsten Christophersen, Inge S. Fomsgaard, Variations in the polyphenol content of seeds of field grown Amaranthus genotypes, Food Chemistry, 2011
  • John P Délano-Frier, Hamlet Avilés-Arnaut, Kena Casarrubias-Castillo, Gabriela Casique-Arroyo, Paula A Castrillón-Arbeláez, Luis Herrera-Estrella, Julio Massange-Sánchez, Norma A Martínez-Gallardo, Fannie I Parra-Cota, Erandi Vargas-Ortiz and María G Estrada-Hernández, Transcriptomic analysis of grain amaranth (Amaranthus hypochondriacus) using 454 pyrosequencing: comparison with A. tuberculatus, expression profiling in stems and in response to biotic and abiotic stress, BMC Genomics, 2011
  • José Humberto Valenzuela-Soto, María Gloria Estrada-Hernández, Enrique Ibarra-Laclette, John Paul Délano-Frier, Inoculation of tomato plants (Solanum lycopersicum) with growth-promoting Bacillus subtilis retards whitefly Bemisia tabaci development, Planta, 2010
  • Juan Carlos Ochoa-Sánchez, Fannie Isela Parra-Cota, Katia Aviña-Padilla, John Délano-Frier, Juan Pablo Martínez-Soriano, Amaranthus spp.: a new host of “Candidatus Phytoplasma aurantifolia” ,Phytoparasitica, 2009

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