Tuesday, January 26, 2021






Research Group






Dra. Laila Pamela Partida Martínez 

Researcher Cinvestav 3D, SNI II.



Research lines

Microbial ecology, Plant-microbial interactions; Fungal-bacterial-viral interactions (microbial symbioses); microbial natural products.




Research Assistant








María Nélida Vázquez Sánchez


Posdoctoral fellows


This position may be taken by you.

Please contact laila.partida@cinvestav.mx to explore possibilites.



Ph. D. Students







Víctor Manuel Flores Núñez

Functional ecology of the phyllosphere of agaves and cacti


Since March 2017, Integrative Biology Program




Raúl Alcalde Vázquez

Co-advisor: Dr. Robert Winkler



Since March 2017, Integrative Biology Program



José Daniel Chávez González



Since September 2018, Plant Biotechnology Program





José Francisco Cabrera Rangel


Since September 2020, Integrative Biology Program





Gonzalo Córdova 

Co-advisor: Dr. Cei Abreu Goodger



Since September 2020, Integrative Biology Program





M.Sc. Students








Lizeth Dorantes Gómez



Since March 2020, Integrative Biology Program



Judit Valeria Mendoza Servín



Since March 2020, Plant Biotechnology Program


Bachelor Students



Please refer to the Spanish version of this page for detailed information

about the Bachelor students in the group.


Research Stays


At the moment due to the COVID19 pandemic there is no chance to offer research stays in our lab.