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Our group of work has the following primary missions:


i) Contribute to the advance of basic research and search the means for their biotechnological applications, (eg, creating non-profit academic associations, collaborative networks, companies, etc)

ii) Training future researchers, biotechnologists and venture entrepreneurs based on scientific knowledge

A team of researches studies -from a systems biology perspective- the molecular components and the operative principles -and their mechanisms- that drive the function of single-cell organisms.

We focus our research in single-cell organisms due their low biological complexity, fast growth, wide molecular/biochemistry knowledge and the wide repertoire of technological tools for their study.

We use all this knowledge and our ingenious creativity to bioengineer -from a synthetic biology perspective- new genetic circuits and cellular prototypes with improved/desired properties.

For this endeavor we continuously look for a multidisciplinary team working around these common objectives from disciplines such as computational biology, mathematical modeling and molecular biology.