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Lab Members


Dr. Luis Delaye (Professor/Researcher) 

PhD. Biological Sciencies

Evolution. I’m interested in the study of evolution of life on Earth. However, the subject is vast, so I specialize on the study of molecular evolution (also vast!). To see the projects we are working on click here


  Ismael Sanchez Osorio

Invited Professor

Project: System biology of prokaryotes



  David Martínez

PhD. Student

Project: Genome evolution of endosymbiotic bacteria

  Emmanuel Avila

PhD. Student

Project: Transcriptomics of Agave

  Ulises Rodríguez Cruz

Master Student

Project: Origin, evolution and function of HIP1 DNA motif

  Gilberto Álvarez

Master Student

Project: RNA and evolution

  Gilberto Pérez

Master Student

Project: Nature of LUCA