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Dr. Blanco Labra Alejandro

Laboratory  of Plant's Defense Mechanisms


Proteins involved in defense mechanisms, including the quaternary structure of the polyphenol oxidase of grape. Analysis of different enzyme inhibitors, including their isolation, biochemical and molecular characterization and effects on the growth and development of certain insects. Great potential has been found for the significant effects of inhibitors on the growth, development and metastasis of certain types of cancer.

Dr. Délano Frier John Paul

Laboratory of Defense Physiology in Plants


Direct and indirect defense mechanisms. Systemin-Jasmonic acid signaling. Modulation of defense responses in mutualistic/symbiotic associations



Dr. González de la Vara Luis Eugenio

Laboratory of Bioenergetics and Biomembranes


Transport and signal-transduction phenomena in plant plasma membranes: The H+-transporting ATPase in plasma membranes and its regulation. Signal-transducing proteins (kinases and phosphatases) in those membranes. Analysis of membrane proteins by mass spectrometry


Dr. Ibarra Rendón Jorge Eugenio

Laboratory of Bioinsecticides


Insect Pathology. Molecular characterization of entomopathogens. Isolation and selection of microbial-control agents of pests

Dra. López Pérez Mercedes Guadalupe

Laboratory of Chemistry´s Natural Products


Alcoholic beverages: Determination of authenticity by GC-MS and stable isotopes.

Agaves and health: Purification and characterization by MALDI-TOF-MS and derivatized-GC-MS. Analysis of neutraceutic potential. Agave as a crop: Fructans as developmental markers of Agave species and as phenological markers of maturity. Fructans and Fructosyltransferases as protectants for drought and cold stress, Agave as a model to study fructan metabolism under different stress conditions.


Dra. Marsch Martínez Nayelli

Laboratory of Plant Cell Identity


Study of regulatory genes Study  of develop aerial organs from meristems. Linking of studies from regulation of development  and cell identity with the regulation of secondary metabolism in plants. Biotechnological tools to regulate plant development and production of secondary metabolites in them.

Dr. Molina Torres Jorge


Secondary Metabolism in Plants. Bioactive Compounds Structure Function Relationship. Alkamides


Dr. Olalde Portugal Víctor

Laboratory of Ecological Biochemistry


Mycorrhizal associations: ecology, gene expression in pre-symbiotic phases, biodiversity, agronomical effects, protective effects against biotic and abiotic stresses, effects on the physiology and ripening of fruits. Growth promoting bacteria, mechanisms of action in the optimization of the production and regulation of metabolites and their effects under field conditions (forest and agricultural).

Dr. Paredes López Octavio

Laboratory of Food Biotechnology


Biotechnology of food crops from Mesoamerica. Molecular biotechnology of food crops with nutraceutical interest.  Expression of macromolecules with nutraceutical and medical interest


Dr. Peña Cabriales Juan José

Laboratory of Environmental Microbiology


Nutrient cycling in agrosystems. Ecology of microorganisms of agricultural significance. Bioremediation.


Dra. Valdés Rodríguez Silvia Edith

Laboratory of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology of Proteins


Biochemical and molecular characterization of proteins associated with tolerance to biotic and abiotic stress. Purification of a recombinant cistatin effective against insects and fungal phytopathogens. Characterization of the proteome of isolates of B. subtilis with antifungal activity and identification of the metabolites responsible.

Dr. Winkler Robert

Laboratory of Biochemical and Instrumental Analysis


Novel mass spectrometry techniques such as low-temperature plasma ionization and covalent protein staining, new approaches in the high-throughput metabolomic profiling of plants, computational mass spectrometry and proteomics.


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