Dr. Robert Winkler

Position:  Investigador Cinvestav 3B, SNI II

Telephone: +52 (462) 623 9635


Laboratory of biochemical and instrumental analysis

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The laboratory of biochemical and instrumental analysis is focussed on the study of biomolecules using various analytical techniques. Our emphasis is the development of novel methods for mass spectrometry, proteomics and metabolomics. In our projects we work with different biological models, e.g. plants (coffee, maize, tomato, bean, Arabidopsis, chilli), flies (Drosophila spp.) and microorganisms (fungi, bacteria and algae). We are always interested in interesting colaboration with a bioanalytical challenge.


Current projects

Ambient Ionization Mass Spectrometry


Direct detecction of compounds from complex matrices by ionization with low-temperature plasma (LTP).


We are also producing our own prototypes using 3D printing technology.

Mass Spectrometry Imaging


Generation of 2D images of the distribution of molecules on surfaces, such as plant tissues. With LTP ionization, also volatiles and semi-volatiles can be analyzed under ambient conditions.


Untargeted metabolic fingerprinting of plant extracts by direct-injection electrospray mass spectrometry (DIESI) and UPLC-MSn.


We investigate metabolic heredibility and discover metabolic markers, e.g. for stress or metabolic disorders.


The methods also can be employed for the early selection of organisms with desired properties, such as coffee trees with extremely high caffein biosynthesis.

Real-time monitoring of VOCs


Fast detection of changes in chemical profiles, for example of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in plant-pathogen interactions.

Software Development


Often, our proyects require innovative computational solutions, e.g. for instrument control or data analysis. Therefore, we also write software, which we then make accessible to the community ("open source" philosophy).


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